Nutcracker Auditions, Rehearsals, and Costumes

The Nutcracker is coming up in a little over a month, and everybody’s very busy with rehearsals!  It started with the auditions.  Since I started pointe at my studio last year, I was really hoping to get a role en pointe for this show.  I auditioned for the easiest part en pointe, angels, the part that sounds super fun, a candy land doll, and two of the harder parts, side spanish and Clara’s friends.  I also auditioned for normal roles (not en pointe), which are Party Girl, Side Russian, Rat, and Calvary.  Rat and Calvary are in a big battle scene, party girl is in the big party scene, and side russian is a very fun, short scene. I ended up getting Party Girl, Angel, and Candy Land Doll!  I was the only person in my level to get two roles en pointe (which is very exciting!).  So every single week, at least an hour each time, I’ve been very busy with rehearsal.  Everybody also had to get their costumes fitted.  In angel, each of us have a matching white dress, a halo, wings, and a candle.  For party girl, I have red lace leggings and an old fashioned red dress, along with fake, curly hair.  And for doll, we look like Minnie Mouses (but really cute ones!).  It’s a short, red and white polka dotted dress and a big red, polka dot bow.  This is my favorite costume, as well as my favorite dance!  Lots of fun and hard work is being put into this show, so I’ll be as excited as ever when the real show comes!Image


One thought on “Nutcracker Auditions, Rehearsals, and Costumes

  1. Sounds like a ton of fun!!! Although I am not a dancer, I know how much effort is put into each performance and show. Congratulations on getting two parts on point! Extremely exciting!! Good luck and have fun!!

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