New Dance Season

We’re back in business!  The dance season is starting up again, and I’m excited!  This year I’m in level 4a at one of my studios.  Along with the usual 3 days of ballet, I’m taking hip hop, tap, and contemporary.  New leotards, new tights, new teacher, and new soreness.  My back is killing me from lots of stretching yesterday, but it’s a good kind of pain.  You probably know this, but I always absolutely love performing!  And one of my favorites to perform in is the Nutcracker.  And despite the fact that it’s just September, auditions are next week.  What am I hoping to get?  Well, mainly a role en pointe!  I started pointe at my studio last January.  I absolutely love it!  And getting to perform with the shoes?  Well, I would call it a dream come true.  I’m hoping to be an angel, and (depending on what level you have to be in) a candy land doll.  Hopefully, the level 5a’s won’t be repeating that role, in which case there’s only on 4b girl, and us 4a’s.  I would also like to be a party girl, which is the next step up from party boy.  So, I’ve got to stretch, make sure my pointe shoes are perfect, and get ready!  Wish me luck!  Any of your sports seasons starting?  We’d like to hear them!  Leave a reply below and let me know what’s going on!


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