Smoothie Sailing? I don’t think so!


This isn’t my smoothie…but what it ended up kind of looking like!

My friend was over just the other day, and  we were in a snacky mood. Strangely, nothing too sweet sounded like it would soothe our tastebud’s insanity.  We decided on a smoothie.  I had the nice ingredients of frozen strawberries, bananas, and pomegranite juice.  I added some big handfuls of strawberries, one banana, and a splash of pomegranite juice.  With the blender that I had, when something is blending, it’ll  suddenly just stop swirling on top.  When you turn it off, a giant air bubble will puff up and pop.  This happened, but wasn’t a big problem at first.  It was all evenly blended, but tasted a bit too banana-y.  So we decided to add some more strawberries.  After adding in another handful, I didn’t have that many strawberries left.  So I just plopped in the rest.  Since the air bubble thing kept happening, the strawberries just wouldn’t fully blend.  So I added in a splash more of pomegranite juice.  It still seemed slightly chunky…pretty much the texture look of applesauce.  But it didn’t seem like full strawberry chunks were in there.  So I took two glasses and filled them up.   It was quite sour.  It appears we added too much pomegranite juice…which I find strange, considering it didn’t seem like we put in that much.  But we added just a spoonful of sugar to help the sourness go down.  That seemed to do the trick.  Despite the fact that it took a lot of adapting, it ended up tasting okay to me (although still slightly sour to my friend).  So not exactly smooth sailing…or should I say smoothie sailing!


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