There’s Truly No Business Like Show Business!

Well, it’s official…the show’s and long rehearsals are completed, and the 2013 dance show was a big hit!  If you attend any plays or recitals of any kind, you see (for the most part) smiles and fun going on.  If you take a step inside the life of a dancer, you realize that not all of it was fun.  It takes a lot of work to be in a big production, especially if you’re in 16 numbers with around 14 quick changes!  The huge rehearsal started on friday, where we went from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  However, you had to get there about an hour early to find your dressing room, set up your costumes, get into your first costume, and warm up (which none of us actually got to).  Before we arrived at the rehearsal location, we had to have our hair in a perfect bun (that would also last for the nine hours that we were there), have all make-up on (which since there are so many lights on stage, you have to go pretty thick on the make up department), and get cover up clothes on for when you are done rehearsing.  Once we all arrived, we said our hellos, talked about what a long and fun day it was going to be, and all the things we were nervous about messing up in the show.  Then the rehearsal began.  Some numbers we ran once, just to make sure they looked good on stage, and others we spent almost 30 minutes on.  I gotta say, when you’re on stage, you don’t feel tired.  Something about the lights shining on you and just knowing you get the opportunity to perform gives you a feeling that you don’t get doing anything else in the world.  But once you’ve completed rehearsing the last number and you get a second to sit, the feeling of exhaustion overwhelms you.  But you can’t relax yet.  You have to put all your costumes back in order.  During rehearsals, you have to change so fast that there is just no possible way to put your costumes neatly back together.  It’s physically impossible.  So most of us ended up with a big pile of costumes on the floor.  And despite the fact that a few of my dance-mate’s things got lost, it worked out pretty well for me.  I got home and took a heavenly shower (and if you were dancing for nine hours, you would know how great it feels).  You use a lot of soap and make up remover after rehearsal, as you have to scrub all the eyeliner and lipstick off.  I then forced some food into my body (strangely enough I wasn’t actually very hungry) and went up to bed.  

Reality hit as my annoying alarm clock went off: It was the day of the show.  But before the show, there was one last dress rehearsal.  There’s not much to say about it…everything went smoothly.  Except for the fact that one girl couldn’t find a whole costume, someone was missing fishnets, someone was missing a black leotard, and a lot of us were late to the same dance.  Okay, it was a little rough.  But the show was much better!  I leapt, twirled, jumped, tapped, and shined as the stage brought out the best in me.  There were a few dances I was nervous about making it on on time (I had about a minute and a half to change), but I made it.  The only number that was weird was the Charleston (a fun tap number).  About five of us were supposed to jump off the stage to perform in that dance, and I was the only one of those five who jumped off (or even performed it).  There were dancers on the actual stage, but no one else down below.  So I just smiled and sold it, which turned out good in the end.  Even though no one else went down with me, I jumped off again at the next show.  That ended up being one of my favorite numbers.

On Sunday (the last show day), we sang and danced to the final song, and as we sang “And that’s the end of our show!”, balloons dropped down.  Normally when this happens, I get a surge of happiness.  Now don’t get me wrong, I still got that feeling, but it was more of a bittersweet moment for everyone.  A lot of people aren’t coming back to the studio next year.  One of my closest friends-correction, sister-is going off to college in the fall.  This was her last show, and many tears were shed by her.  My other sister most likely won’t return to the studio, but she is my age, so I will be planning on seeing her more often.  But still, losing them as my dance buddies?  That part was very hard.  But it’s not goodbye, because I know I’ll be seeing them soon this summer, as well as hopefully many other times.  We have waaaaay to many memories to just let go of each other!!!!!  

Overall, the show was a blast for all of us, and it reassured me that if I weren’t performing or dancing, I wouldn’t be doing the right thing in my life.  So many memories were made in this show, and I can’t wait for a zillion more to happen!



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