It’s Crunch Time!


Rehearsal time!

School’s out!  Yes!  But all that means is more dance.  My studios remain open for summer.  I’m in a big dance recital coming up soon, so that means more practice, more hours, more hard work!  But the shows are the highlights of my dance life, so I’m fine with it.  Although I love practicing, there’s just no other feeling like performing on stage!  It’s the best thing in the world…or at least I think so!  In a way, it’s crunch time, because all my teachers are making the last corrections, making the last alterations to costumes, taking photos, rehearsing more, and adding the last minute details.  This is a big deal, since the big show only happens every other year.  We want it to be perfect, and even  better than all the other shows!  It’s the 60th anniversary of the studio, and we recently lost the original owner’s daughter to cancer, so we are adding many tribute dances.  In all the hurrying preparation, I’m starting to feel the excitement!  Anyone else have a big thing coming up?  And I want to hear what everyone’s doing for summer!  Leave a comment below!


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