Cupcakes…Kind of…

ImageThis is the part of the blog where you get to hear about some little mistakes that have happened in the past.  I was making cupcakes with a friend of mine.  We decided to make chocolate cupcakes.  Our plan was to use a chocolate cake mix with a chocolate ganache frosting (like a chocolate ganache, but thicker) with a vanilla glaze and little fondant decorations.  It sounds delicious, right?  Well, things didn’t go so well.  The chocolate cupcakes were fine, but the ganache was a little struggle.  It was melting, but blooming (blooming is when the chocolate turns a little white and powdery).  It got slightly too hot, so it started clumping together.  Wedecided to stick it in the freezer for a little to cool it down and let it form properly.  Of course, then it hardened and became like a brick.  Eventually we got it to soften slightly, and we dipped our cupcakes in it instead.  Then, it came time to make the glaze.  Everything went smoothly.  That is, until the vanilla glaze hardened and we could no longer use it on our cupcakes.  So we decided that with our luck, it was best to skip the fondant decorations.  Although the decoration and frostings didn’t work out as planned, it did taste good in the end.  It gave us a new experience, though!  Feel free to leave a comment about an experience that hasn’t work out too well when baking, or any suggestions that couldfix some of the problems we had!:)


2 thoughts on “Cupcakes…Kind of…

  1. oh…haha. Once I was making cupcakes and the frosting was too thin (even though we had followed the recipe), so we added more powdered sugar. Well, then it became too thick, so once again we added powdered sugar. We ended up with extra frosting at the end because of all the added ingredients! At least they turned out yummy…

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