Frosting Frenzy!

This is my cake that I made at Michael’s. Notice the different tips and how they affect the look of the cake.


This is an example of the sunflower Oreo.

Although all baking creations are mainly about taste, you should always have a nice look to your cake.  However, this doesn’t mean that you have to go out Cake Boss style!  If your like me, you prefer more cake, less gum paste and edible paper.  I happen to love frosting, and using different tips to make a unique look is great!  However, an awesome frosting tip doesn’t always mean an awesome cake.  You need to know how to use the tip, first.  I recently went to a friend’s birthday party, and it was all about cake decorating.  It was held at Michael’s craft store.  We each got our own mini cake, and were able to decorate it however we liked!  We had a helper with us the whole time.  She started out by showing us how to properly frost the first layer of our cake.  Once it was all frosted, it was time to decorate.  To get our creative juices flowing, she demonstrated a couple of the frosting tips for us on a cake of her own.  One of these included making a sunflower.  You take an Oreo, stick it into your cake (it should pop out a little), and take yellow frosting and lightly squiggle it around the outside of the Oreo.  Repeat this until it goes all the way around the Oreo.  It looks like a sunflower!  After practicing the use of each tip, we began.  My main goal was to use every tip possible and make it look pretty.  I used what I call the snail tip as a border around the bottom of the cake, then used the dot tip to make blue dots around the top.  I added a sunflower to the top, then frosted on the word “Sunny”.  I filled up the rest of the top with pink swirl flowers (also made from frosting), then added leaves as a finishing touch.  In my opinion, it turned out very cute and perfect for a spring event.  Overall, I had a lot of fun getting to test out all the different tips, and would recommend doing this to anyone who wants to learn more about cute but simple decorating skills!


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