Dancing Description

This is a picture of a tap shoe, which is what we use in tap class.

This is a picture of a tap shoe, which is what we use in tap class.

So what type of dance do I do?  Well, I do tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, and a little bit of break dancing.  I have been dancing for a VERY long time now, and I love every minute of it!  I currently dance about 11 hours a week, which may seem like a lot, but it goes by fast to me!!!  The reason I dance so much is because I love doing all types of dance, and I want to take a class for each type.  Don’t know what these types of dances are?  Let me explain.  Tap is danced with a shoe that has two metal pieces attached to the bottom (one on the toe, one at the heel). You move your feet to make different sounds with the tap shoes.  This is one of my favorite types of dance.  Jazz is a general type of dance that can be slow, fast happy, or sad.  It often has many kicks and turns and leaps, and it breaks the rules of ballets in some ways.  Ballet is a very classical type of dance that you can dance on flat or en pointe, which is using a special shoe that allows you to go all the way on the tip top of your toe.  It also requires many leaps and turns and kicks, but each is done differently.  You must keep everything perfectly aligned when doing ballet.  Ballet is something that you need to do to make everything in other types of dance look cleaner.  Ballet is often the most difficult to many people, because there are so many rules in ballet.  Lyrical and Contemporary are very similar; there is almost no difference whatsoever.  They are very simlilar to ballet, but you exaggerate movements, and they don’t always have to be perfectly aligned.  Hip hop is danced to lots of pop music, and is basically the opposite of ballet.  You have very sharp movements, and everything has to be crisp in hip hop.  It doesn’t normally involve kicks or leaps.  It is the “funkiest” kind of dance, and is very different from everything else.  The last style of dance listed is break dancing.  This is fairly similar to hip hop, except most of the work in break dancing is on the ground.  It involves freezing in many positions, and using lots of strength to hold your body up.  Overall, I love all types of dance, and wouldn’t be able to live without any of them!!!


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